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Joan Strahler holds multi Salesforce Certification and is a Global IT consultant. Prior to founding SaaS Ascend, Ms. Strahler served in the C-suite for an airline software company.

Joan founded SaaSAscend to help small and medium companies access similar benefits that large enterprises enjoy. 

She has consulted to many of the world’s top airlines helping them identify and recover revenue . Joan has developed industry best practices in the areas of financial auditing and revenue recovery.

Ms. Strahler has traveled globally and conducted business in multiple countries. Her customers include many of the top airlines in the world. 


Chief Support Officer

We believe in the power of Dog. When Joan decided to build
Saas Ascend, she wanted to embody her vision of a
company focused solely on helping others succeed. Dogs
have been our constant companions in service. From search
and rescue, to defending our country and property, to being a
loving and loyal companion: always at the ready to help.
Angel is defined as 'attendant, agent, or messenger'. Every
day we strive to attend our customers with the focus, energy
and consultative approach they deserve. Therefore, we have
a ‘Chief Support Officer’.

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